NITROMOUSSE - FOAM INNERTUBE 10-12 PSI 21" (80/100-21) (90/90-21)

NITROMOUSSE - FOAM INNERTUBE 10-12 PSI 21" (80/100-21) (90/90-21)

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100% FLAT PROOF, HIGH PERFORMANCE foam innertubes that replace traditional pneumatic innertubes. High tech foam tubes made from proprietary elastomers that have millions of nitrogen charged micro-cells.  This means that you can cut, puncture, tear, and hammer our NITROS and they will continue to perform, giving you confidence to finish the race or make it back out of the trail without concern. Feel like 10-12 psi regular tire pressure


 Tire Size Rim Width Compound
80/00-21 1.60 10-12 PSI
90/90-21 1.60 10-12 PSI

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